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The Wedding Film

Our wedding films are up to par with the best wedding films made today. We believe you truly get a timeless family heirloom that goes one step further than photography alone, and we do this at unbelievable rates. Please watch our video samples and read more about us to honestly compare us to other wedding filmers. Thank you!

"The Best" $1175

"The Best" is the best package we offer because we film not just the ceremony and reception, but also sit down interviews with friends and family and bridal preparations and put this to your choice of music.

The package includes:

  • up to 7 hours filming time
  • extensive editing and post production time
  • 10 professionally printed and cased DVD copies
  • Internet published Video

Danica and John will have your wedding filmed with two or more camera operators using the filming equipment listed on the equipment page. John, Danica or both John and Danica will be at the wedding, and possibly other camera operator(s) we hire.

We will film multiple angles for the pre-ceremony, the entirety of the ceremony and most of the reception, capturing all the major "events" on film: the bride and groom getting ready for the big day, bride and groom's vows and the full ceremony, cutting of the cake, toasts, father daughter dance, bride groom dance, throwing of the garter and the bouquet, the bride and groom's exit for the day and more.

We will also film interviews with the bride and groom and anyone else close who would like to be interviewed for up to 2 hours.

The finished film will run between 50 minutes and 100 minutes.

Additional hours filming will be charged at $75 US per hour.

Additional DVDs of your wedding film are $15

"The Full Ceremony and Reception" $975

The "The Full Ceremony and Reception" package includes all details listed in "The Best" package, except we film strictly the reception and ceremony (no preparations or interviews outside of what is filmed during reception). You get a beautiful looking wedding film that will truly stand out and stand the test of time for your family and generations to look back on forever.

"The Ceremony" $575

This is everything described in "The Best" package, only here we are filming just the ceremony of your wedding. No matter what the price, we always do our best work. You will have the most important part of the wedding day on DVD to cherish for years to come...

For a free sample DVD of one of our weddings or to talk, please contact us now!

Want More? We can film anything for you, as we are filmmakers, anything you can dream up, here are some examples:

1 Professional music video: Starting at only $500

-The bride/groom "sing" using their choice of song in a real music video.

-This is like a music video you might see on MTV. We shoot your music video in the traditional style MTV music videos are made: the song itself is first recorded and fully finished ahead of time (This would be the song of your choice, a song you might like from your favorite CD for example, or we can make one with you that you really sing...). Then the music video filmmakers bring in the artist, say, Madonna, for example, and they play the song quite loud on set while they are filming Madonna lip synch to her own song. It is filmed in a variety of locations, then they cut all the locations togethor and synch it up to the real song in post production. We will film your music video the same way.

-Again, you will pick a song that is already complete or we help you produce, then we will film you, the bride and groom and any others who want to be involved, lip synching the song like a real music video is made. We then edit the footage and you have a beautiful music video made in the "wedding" theme to complement your beautiful wedding video.

-If you would like us to really record and produce your own voice singing an original song you wrote or actually singing a famous song of your choice, we can record and produce the song with your real voice for an additional $200. For this price we can also help you write a new, original song that we fully record and produce for you.

-Here are two links to examples of music videos Danica and John have made: Meant to Be & I Just Wish I Knew. These two examples are general music videos not made in the "wedding" theme. Your music video of course will be done in the "wedding" theme and you will have all final creative say as to the style and presentation of your music video.

2 Photo montage $200

-This is an additional video we make of up to 100 photos you provide us on CD. You choose what songs you want playing. We spend up to 10 hours editing your pictures, adding special effects and creating a nicely flowing custom made short film that is from 5 to 15 minutes in length. A great extra feature for your DVD!

or, Wedding Photography: only $600!

We photograph your entire wedding, the ceremony and reception for $600. We then can have photos printed up for you and a photo album for a service charge of $50 for ordering them off of KodakGallery.com, a site where you can get any pictures, framed and photo albums and more, any physical print ups of your wedding photos you might need. Or we can simply hand the photos over to you on disc, in multiple copies for the aforementioned $600, referring you to a site like Kodakgallery.com to have your pictures printed or other sites. This is THE MOST affordable wedding photography out there today.

We ask for a $300 non-refundable deposit to reserve our services.

Call us today to reserve our services! (310) 980-2421