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John and Danica can film your wedding in any format, but it will be an additional cost if you would like to shoot your film in Panvision 35mm movie film, for example. It can be done, but it will costs thousands of dollars extra! Like we said, we have filmed in Panavision 35mm before on some of our films, anything is possible that you would like, if you have the budget. Or, included in the prices page we will film on the equipment we already have which is a Canon HD camera and a Panasonic DVX-100A 24p digital video camera with Birns and Sawyer matte box as pictured above, with an additional super heavy duty tripod with wheels for dolly shots. We will most likely rent another camera, more equipment and hire an additional professional camera operator. We also have two other digital video cameras with tripods for alternate angles that we may bring along. Our Post Production suite includes a Brand new Macbook Pro with 21" flatscreen and Sony Trinitron video monitor. We have over 5 TB of harddrive space dedicated to video and visual effects editing. We use some of the highest end film/video editing software available, based out of Final Cut Pro Studio version 5.0.4. We also use the newest versions of LiveType and Photoshop CS3 to create titles and more.