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John Birmingham

John Birmingham Education:

Chapman University: M.F.A. Film Production
(graduated Fall 2005)
I received a merit-based scholarship to attend.

Loyola Marymount University: B.A. Screenwriting
(July 2000). Major GPA: 3.65
GPA: 3.15
various extension film production classes
(UCLA Ext., LACC, etc.)
was accepted to and attended Virginia Tech, Radford University, Roanoke College and more.

Current Projects in the works:

1 Dec. 2006-Present: The Vampires of Zanzibar, feature film. Starring/Director/Writer/Producer/Composer. The movie has completed filming and is in post production phases.

2 late 2008/2009: Untitled Robin Watkins Project, feature film. Supporting/Co-Director/Producer. Robin Watkins, star of Poultrygeist, is playing one of the leads and is also the Director, Producer and Writer.

Field Experience:

Jan. 2004-Dec. 2005:

Writer/Director/Actor/Producer/Composer/Editor: Crazy Animal.
35mm/24P feature length movie, releasing through Troma Entertainment 2007...
*actors in the movie include star of VH1's The Surreal Life Ron Jeremy, Brinke Stevens, Lloyd Kaufman and former Miss Norway Lene Pedersen.

Aug 2002-Spring 2004:

various roles on dozens of film projects.
References available upon request.

Jan-May 2002:

Director/DP/Writer/Producer/Editor: DV short film: Rebel Fish.
*Famous actor Pauly Shore was the DVD Host!
*released in video stores nationwide, in about 2-3 video stores per state. Available on the Had To Be Made, Summer 2003, Volume 7 DVD.
Reference: Mike Kyle, CEO of Had To Be Made Films [www.Hadtobemade.com].


Principal Actor, "DRUMMER" in a PSA for the National Endowment For The Arts, "The Potential."
*Voice over by the famous Ed Asner. *award winning PSA, more found with Google search.
Reference: Justin Jagoda, Director (310) --- ----

Jan 2002:

Wrote/Animated/Directed a short flash animation: Willis
*was broadcast online, staying on the Slamdance Film Festival's homepage for the entire month of August, 2003.

Sept-Dec 2001:

Camera Operator/Editor/Visual Effects: 2 commercials for The Steadispoon.
*aired regionally across East Coast.
Reference: Justin Jagoda, Producer (310) --- ----

June 2001:

Production Design for Ovenbird Films:
35mm indie feature: Lava Lounge.
Reference: Joy Czerwonky, Producer [----------@aol.com]

Feb-April 2001:

Producer/Editor for Danica Pictures
Sup. 16mm short: Tir Nan Og.
*won Best Short Film at the Young Artist Awards 2003. Tir Nan Og won awards alongside Rupert Grint of Harry Potter fame and Frankie Muniz. Also in attendance was Transformers star Shia Labeouf as well as other child stars.
-Reference: Danica DeCosto, Director (---------@aol.com]

Sept-Oct 2000:

Production Design for Full Moon Pictures
Feature: Stitches.
Reference: J.R. Bookwalter, Producer (818) --- ----
*can be found in many Hollywood Video locations.

Aug-Sept 2000:

Production Design for Full Moon Pictures:
Feature: Horrorvision.
Reference: J.R. Bookwalter, Producer (818) --- ----
*found in most Hollywood Video and some Blockbuster Video stores. John Birmingham can be found on the DVD extra features.

April-July 2000:

35mm art short: Imagination.
*won Best Student Film at Tiburon International Film Fest.2002
Reference: Danica DeCosto, Director [-------@aol.com]

Jan.-March 1998:

Set Decorator on Nobody Knows Anything, 2003, large budget
independent movie with Mike Meyers, Ben Stiller, Jeanine Garofalo, Margaret Cho and more.

Special Skills:

familiar with/own many popular programs on both PCs and
MACs (Final Draft, Final Cut Pro Studio, Photoshop CS3, Adobe Golive, Flash CS3, Avid, etc.)
Experienced Director of Photography/Camera operator.
registered substitute teacher in California area.
have talked to large groups and audiences and given seminars at various film festivals.
type 100 wpm when so inclined.
amateur web designer
Graphic Artist and canvas painter, great with Photoshop (took classes at Radford U., Otis College and Virginia Western)